8 Eye-Catching Curb Appeal Tips


From a Real Estate standpoint, curb appeal can increase property value and can draw in more buyers, thus leading your home to a potential faster sale.  Keeping an eye-catching curb appeal year-round will help seal the deal!

8 Tips to get your Home eye-catching curb appeal

  1. Keep yard clean and clear of debris, including walkways and driveways.
  2. Mow and edge your lawn.
  3. Keep trees trimmed to avoid obscuring the front of your home.
  4. Keep landscape preserved year-round.  Choose from a variety of seasonal plants and flowers to enhance exterior color.
  5. If you are considering painting the exterior of your home, consider your neighborhood homes and theme before choosing a color.
  6. Remove and replace broken gutters.
  7. Remove forgotten Holiday lights.
  8. Act like you are a buyer and take notes.

Remember, if buyers like the outside of your home, they are more likely to schedule an appointment to view the inside! 

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