Before proceeding to make an offer, please make sure that buyer is fully qualified and seriously committed to the purchase of the property.


General Offer Instructions

  1. All Offers must be on CAR Contracts only.
  2. Please include a Cover letter with Agent best Contact information including e-mail address.
  3. All Offers must be accompanied by a Pre-Approval Letter from a Lender with Lender Contact information.  Please include copy of EMD and POF with all offers.  Please note that some banks require EMD to be in the form of a Cashier’s Check after the offer has been accepted.
  4. If all cash offer, please include POF, no exceptions.
  5. If there are any Seller special requirements, this will be noted under the private section of MLS with further instructions.
  6. Please e-mail your offer to or fax to 408-550-1188.
  7. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for offer response, this varies with each bank.


Offer Status

Please check with MLS for current Status.  Offers are presented until an offer is accepted by seller, unless instructed otherwise by seller.



I would like to submit an offer, what are the offer Instructions?

Please see offer instructions above.

I’m writing an offer, how do I submit it?

Please e-mail your offer to  or fax to 408-550-1188

What is the cut-off time for submitting offers?

If there is a highest and best situation, a time line will be noted on MLS.  Typically we will continue to accept and present offers to seller until seller accepts one.  It may be a good idea to submit your highest and best from the beginning.  Please note that in all fairness to all parties, the purchase price of other offers will not be disclosed.

When will offers be presented to Seller?

Depending on Seller instructions, this will be noted on MLS.  Sometimes Sellers require a property to be listed on MLS a number of days before reviewing offers.

How will I know that my Offer was received?

An e-mail will be sent in acknowledgement of your offer.

Why is Property still showing Active status?  I was told an Offer was accepted.

When an Offer is accepted by the Seller,  a Counter Offer/Addendum (s) is sent to buyer.  Once buyer signs the Counter Offer/Addendum (s), status will be changed.  Some Seller’s will require EMD to be in Escrow before changing Status.

My Offer was accepted and I have signed Counter Offer/Addendum (s)!  When do I get ratified Contracts back?

As soon as Listing Agent receives documents back from Seller.  Once received back from Seller, they will be sent to you along with Title and Escrow information.  This varies with each bank.

When can I start my Inspections?

Typically the day that Seller signs the Contract/Addendum (s), all time lines start.  The transaction coordinator will send you Ratified Contracts with time lines.

Why was my Offer not accepted?

Please keep in mind that the Seller will accept the Offer that is the best Offer to the Seller.