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San JoseThe many neighborhoods that make up the South San Jose CA Real Estate area represent some of the finest living opportunities anywhere within the Silicon Valley.  The variety of these business and family-oriented homes and properties is remarkable, and we know that you will love the available South San Jose CA homes for sale. We are confident that they will meet all of your housing needs.

If it is business that you are looking for, the San Jose area has all of that and more, so there’s no need to only look north to the heart of Silicon Valley. At the Valley’s southern edge, jobs are plentiful, specifically in the technology sector.  Software industry giants Cisco and Adobe are headquartered in South San Jose and hardware leader, Netgear, is also located here.  World-renowned companies like Ebay, PayPal, and Tivo also call San Jose home.

So, what about the homes?  Well, luckily, South San Jose Real Estate offers a multitude of possibilities from affordable tract homes to luxurious custom built estates.  As far as the neighborhoods go, you will not find many others that can boast the quality of life found in South San Jose.  Small communities like Almaden Valley, Santa Teresa, and Blossom Valley allow residents to live happy, peaceful lives far enough removed from the high-tech, fast-paced business world just miles away.

There are many opportunities to find the right properties here within the Silicon Valley Real Estate area.  For more information about available family-style homes, short-sales and foreclosures, including beautiful South San Jose CA Homes For Sale, Blossom Valley homes for sale, or any other real estate, please do not hesitate to contact us for California Family Friendly, South San Jose CA Real Estate services today!

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Almaden Valley lies to the southwest of San Jose and is located between a small series of hills and the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This particular neighborhood got its name from the nearby Almaden Quicksilver mines, which were named after a large mercury mine in Almaden, Spain.  These Quicksilver mines produced mercury that was used to process iron ore during the California Gold Rush.  Today, these abandoned mines make up a county park that residents use on a year-round basis to participate in recreational pursuits.

In addition to being the home of a lovely community and many California family friendly neighborhoods, Santa Teresa is home to a historic ranch called the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, which is located on the border of the Southern Hills.  The ranch once housed many Spanish farmers and Ohlone Indians.  This particular ranch provided fruit, dairy products, and spring water to nearby homes and neighborhoods and even as far away as downtown San Jose.  Today, it is a county park park with hiking trails, a cultural education center, and many recreational opportunities.  Santa Teresa is located east of Almaden Valley. Find out more, get connected with expert advice and family-friendly South San Jose real estate services.